Gravity Die Casting

We Provide our Clients End to End solutions Which Range from Prototyping, Gravity Die Casting Machine Manufacturers, Gravity Die Casting Products, Gravity Die Casting,  Powder Coating, Assembly & multi Procedure Foundry services.Gravity Die Castings Machine and Gravity Pressure Die Casting In Aluminium and Zink, Die Making, VMC Traditional Machined Components

  • Different Kinds of Piston Cooling Nozzles
  • Different Kinds of Wing Nut
  • Different Kinds of Air and Oil Filter Head
  • Automobile and Electrical Components
  • Home Appliance Parts

We do contract manufacturing, assembly and testing for a range of top automotive, and industrial machines manufacturers.

Production Services Offered

    • Gravity and Pressure Die Castings for Aluminum Alloy based elements
    • Development of SG Iron, Steel Alloy, and customized Alloy Castings according to Client Designs
    • Conventional and CNC machining
    • Meeting – between casting, machining and kid parts advancement , e.g., Oil Filters
    • Die & Jig Fixture Design, Pattern Design
    • Inspection with up-to-date Digital gauges and Inspection gear, Surface Roughness Testers
    • Evaluation for Physical/Performance Attributes of elements, e.g., Stress Testing, Hardness Test, Spectro Analysis
    • Powder Coating*, Heat Treatment